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The future Mogul of Entertainment

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Company History
Platnium Records Group, LLC. is an independent record label founded in 2010 by Larry
D. Brantley Jr. and music professionals bent on breaking the boundaries of traditional
music models. Five and a half years later we release our first single from the Label on
January 7, 2011 titled, "Moving Like Berney". Through Marketing strategies and
promotion, we have Generically build a fan base movement that is off the charts and still
growing daily. "The Berney Fever" spreading fast across the nation. DJ's and radio
campaign requested and work the record which led to the building of a huge and strong
fan base in the Southern region. Google Moving like Berney and you will literally see
hundreds of thousands of fans videos, news, flash mobs appear from all over the world.
Through our social media success we landed a digital Distribution deal through
Foundation Media. We have perform Major concerts tours with no head liners (check
YouTube Videos, ISA performs Moving like Berney.
We were featured and performed on MTV reality show "CAGED.", We also
release publishing SYN. Licensing payments from ESPN and other companies;
along with others professional Athletes, and celebrity all became fans a supported the Movement. As a result Platnium records became a household name and Moving like Berney Became a movement.