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                       ABOUT THE CEO
Mr. Larry D. Brantley Jr.
Larry Brantley Born in 1972,Shreveport, LA. has a spotlight cast not only among entertainment executives but is soon to become a business mogul as well. Founded Larry Brantley Group, age 39; founded Platnium Records
Group, LLC. record label Shreveport Home Base Indie label, 2010; started
Platnium Films, 2012;Producer and director of CW21 Hit TV Show Streetfame TV
Series, 2011 produced and released hip-hop artist, "ISA" hit single," Moving
Like Berney,"which is currently voted song of the decade and is very popular and
climbing the charts in such places as China, Italy, Europe, UK and other
countries worldwide.
Larry Brantley goal is to sell not just records, but to market a culture. With a
diverse spread of film interests, and other marketing tie-ins, in addition to being a
Martial Arts Expert, voted Business man of the year by Who's Who Magazine,
Larry HOTDOG Brantley has become one of music's most potential moguls. As
CEO of Platnium Records, the Platnium film division, and the Larry Brantley
Group, He is a true example of hard work, sacrifice and success. "Trust GOD
with your life and nothing is impossible." Quoted Larry HotDog Brantley


                                                      BUSINESS DESCRIPTION
Company Overview Platnium Records is a Hip Hop, Gospel, R&B, POP and
Rock record label .Platnium Records Music is a full service entertainment
company with a focus in publishing, management, marketing and promotions.
Founded in 2010 by Larry Brantley, the Shreveport, LA. based company is home
to record label, Plalnium Records.
                                                  Mission Statement
New technologies are challenging traditional label paradigms, even DIY s. And the music industry as a whole is smarter than ever. Seemed like the perfect time for us to launch our
new label. Because even though it often seems that music has hit an all time lowest common denominator of dubious taste (a million people can't be right about anything ), we all know that catchy, provocative music is still being created. The cup is more than half full, and we aim to do our best in marketing and promoting our music to the masses.

Platnium Records is generically developed and the first of its kind out of Shreveport Louisiana to cross overseas and have a successful hit single titled." Moving Like Berney". Voted song of the decade, it still receives popularity throughout the world masses, independently without the help of a major label. Now we are ready to release our
next single from the label. We are taking our artist-friendly philosophy of development and community building to the next level on. Each artist on the roster has been given a unique day on which to release a brand new single - so the website is
now your source for new music .Though important advances in digital technology have given Platnium Records a blue print to success. Long before CDs and even long player albums, the music business was all about single records. Though we are going high-tech,
there is a retro element involved in our new business strategy. We are pleased to return to
the roots of the music- the singles themselves. Creating Phenomenal Hit singles produces
a phenomenal Album. We are also committed to releasing only the highest quality of
music. We are determined to properly develop our artists. We are enthusiastic about
creating a true community of music lovers. We are modestly optimistic. Join us in our
new adventure of success at Platnium Records Group, LLC.
Company History
Platnium Records Group, LLC. is an independent record label founded in 2010 by Larry D. Brantley Jr. and music professionals bent on breaking the boundaries of traditional
music models. Five and a half years later we release our first single from the Label on January 7, 2011 titled, "Moving Like Berney". Through Marketing strategies and promotion, we have Generically build a fan base movement that is off the charts and still growing daily. "The Berney Fever" spreading fast across the nation. DJ's and radio campaign requested and work the record which led to the building of a huge and strong fan base in the Southern region. Google Moving like Berney and you will literally see hundreds of thousands of fans videos, news, flash mobs appear from all over the world.
Through our social media success we landed a digital Distribution deal through
Foundation Media. We have perform Major concerts tours with no head liners (check YouTube Videos, ISA performs Moving like Berney.
We were featured and performed on MTV reality show "CAGED.", We also
release publishing SYN. Licensing payments from ESPN and other companies; along with others professional
Athletes, and celebrity all became fans a supported the Movement. As a result
Platnium records became a hold name and Moving like Berney Became a

Over 100,000 copies sold and counting!!!

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